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"Our Friend the Mountain" Tonight at McKelligon Canyon

Shopping Review: Dreadful Things

Finally had a chance to come to Dreadful Things located at 2226 Montana Ave.   After La Adelita Gallery, Francesca Salgado brings us another fun and original shop.   The space is filled with curious objets de décoration and art pieces one can wear.   The style of the items range from punk rock to goth and from steampunk to underground.   There truly is something for everyone at a reasonable price!

In this shop you will find skull jewelry, unusual clothing and accessories and accent pieces for the home.   My personal favorite are the taxidermy found throughout the place.    The store owner, who is a talented urban artist, will also entice you with an extensive repertoire of colorful tattoo design for those seeking unique body art ideas.

Though the shop is open until 7 pm, it would not hurt to call before you come by.   Also, plan to stay a while.   You will need enough time to browse through the entire display of                                                                             eye-catching “dreadful things.”                     By Omar Munoz

"Dreams for Dreams" currently on display at
Agave Rosa Gallery

Thrift Hauls are for everyone! Really!

Shopping for clothes can be a lot of fun, however, just being motivated to go to stores is not enough.   You also need to have a good eye.   Your eye guides you through the many racks and piles of folded items and tracks the colors, patterns and textures you want.   There are many shopaholics out there with this very special ability.   They will find some really cool stuff by a simple scan through a mountain of items at a Goodwill.   I know what you are thinking, Goodwill????   I know, but when you have a good eye and a skinny wallet, second hand stores become very appealing.  

Nowadays these stores are not just for people with limited funds, these are really for smart and unique shoppers.   The guys and girls with a keen fashion sense shop there.    Even people for whom money is no object shop there.   I do not just mean Goodwill.  Depending on the city and options, there are lots of stores and organizations that offer a retail space of gently used clothing and accessories.   You will find trendy styles, vintage wear and big designer labels.   The best part is they can be yours for a relatively low cost.    The only thing separating many people from these bargains is often their attitude about second hand stores.   They associate them with low class or homeless people.   They are really not.   If you are already enjoying your favorite shops, kudos to you, if not, you really got to try it!

If you want to get some ideas about what to look for and what is like to go on a thrift haul, meet the many individuals on YouTube who share their experiences and are proud to show you their finds.   My all-time favorite is grav3yardgirl.   She is funny, weird and totally out there with her various looks and unusual gestures.   She is no ordinary YouTube personality.   She has produced a serious collection of videos over time that will blow your mind.   There is a video in her repertoire for every occasion and season of the year.   Watch her and enjoy exploring ideas!

By Omar Munoz

Want to get out of the house this hot summer?

Want to do something different or go on a short trip to get away?  Consider the people at Tours of El Paso by Border Sights.  Explore the area missions or choose the Trail Hands Dinner or La Mexicana Experience.  They will pick you up and transport you in an air-conditioned van.  Discover what our region has to offer and have fun doing something different!.
Have more time to spare?  Alamogordo is just a few miles away.  Plan a one-day trip to see White Sands, the Toy Train Depot & Museum, the Tularosa Basin & Historical Museum, the Alameda Park Zoo, the Museum of Space History and much more.

Another fun trip to do in New Mexico is the Turquoise Trail.  This exploration features 62 miles of adventure and interest between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
The stops include museums and art galleries, restaurants and taverns, a petting zoo, camping, hiking and lodging.
If you wish to get away for an evening of fun, you can do that at the St. Clair Winery in Las Cruces.  Sit at the bar sampling their wines and savoring appetizers.  Their wine and food is great and the service experience overall is fantastic.  Why not stay for dinner?  The space includes an outdoor area with a romantic atmosphere and music.

Art Exhibit Now on Display at Agave Rosa Gallery

Art Commemorates a Legend in the Segundo Barrio shows you a glimpse of the mural presentation.
Meet the artist behind the art, Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado.

Agave Rosa Gallery presents "Momentos de Expresion'" an art exhibit currently on display

Jewelry Designs by Omar Munoz

Now av
ailable at Agave Rosa Gallery, this unique fashion accessories feature handmade pendants embellished with art reproductions and detailed with metal and glass beads, crystal, fresh water pearls or polished stones.
One-of-a-kind art jewels for the collector.
905 Noble Street, El Paso, Texas

"Instantes de Camino" now on Display at Agave Rosa

Agave Rosa Gallery opened its doors this past Saturday with the first art show in 2015.
The exhibit entitled "Instantes del Tiempo," welcomed a good number of guests.  The show features the work of Ricardo Guevara and showcases the paintings of guest artist Marcela Ochoa.  Guerava's colorful images offer a unique array of geometric three dimensional shapes and human-like forms coexisting in an unusual and imaginative world.
The collection by Mexican artist Marcela Ochoa brings to us a group of charming scenes reflecting a feminine mystique.
Show runs until February 28.
Interviews with the artists below.

Navidad en el Barrio at Agave Rosa Gallery

This year's show "Navidad en el Barrio" at Agave Rosa Gallery features the art of Martha Arzabala, Orson Lymann, Pedro Rios, Geo Gamez, Rebecca Guillen and Romy Hawkins.  Bringing you a stunning array of techniques and styles, the exhibit displays compositions of whimsical characters, colorful abstracts, peaceful scenes of nature and creative works of oils with embossed tin accents.  Agave Rosa marks the end 2014 with yet another fun and exciting art event.  If you did not attend the opening, plan to stop by and browse through a wide selection of original holiday gift ideas.  You are sure to find that one-of-a-kind piece to tickle your fancy this season.

Navidad en el Barrio 2014

The Sun City Steam Fest at Tricky Falls in Downtown


If you missed the Sun City Steam Fest on Saturday evening…shame on you!   Whether you are into to it or not, Steampunk is a unique movement worldwide that, in this event in our city, brought us an original spectacle of costumes and creative ideas.   The event at Tricky Falls featured booths of unusual collectible wears by artists from trinkets to fashion articles.   The premier of the short Steampunk film " The Knight of your Dreams," by Louis Ruiz was definitely one of the highlights followed by a costume contest and sideshow.   It appears that the Steampunk cult is well and growing in El Paso.   I am a fan of all that is unique and different and this is a great example that locally we have great talent at so many levels.   If you want to learn more about what is up with this local group, find them on facebook! (Sun City Steam Fest)                         by Omar Munoz

Patou Velvet's Holiday Bazaar around the corner

Patou Velvet will hold its annual Holiday Bazaar in Historic Sunset Heights on November 15 from 10 am to 7 pm.
This will be a great opportunity to browse through a variety of unique gifts for the upcoming holiday season.  Local artists will display handmade jewelry, originals and reproductions of art, handmade greeting cards, vintage collectibles and much more.
Plan to stop by for great company and one-of-a-kind shopping ideas!
518 Randolph Dr.

Ready for Halloween?

Need some last minute costume ideas?
Come by Timeless Fashions, where you will find period and fantasy costumes rentals for men and women.
Serving El Paso for decades, the store owner brings you years experience and the largest collection of costumes with an authentic look.


2120 Montana Ave. El Paso, Tx 79903 (915) 544-0364 Mon-Sat 12PM-6PM


Art market to save the International Museum of Art

Join the El Paso community in an effort to help the International Museum of Art.  Agave Rosa Gallery and many artists and vendors will set up near the museum grounds on October 19 to help contribute much needed financial support to the museum.   Come out and enjoy great company and arts and crafts booths.  Also, participate in the auction of 80 art pieces by local artists on October 18.

1211 Montana Avenue/El Paso, Texas

Checkout photos of the event here.

Our video coverage here.

Channel 7 News Clip about auction here.

L.A. Artists bring their talent to El Paso

The exhibit features the work of artists Francisco Valdez and Stephanie Tranchtenberg.   The pieces include small to medium size oils on canvas in modern abstract scenes and portraits.  Hence its name “Genesis,” the exhibit displays men and women in two-tone and colorful seductive and relaxed nudes.  These artists bring to our city an array of exceptional art samples at reasonable prices.

Visit Agave Rosa Gallery today!

"Colors of Fall" now on display at
the Art & Framing Gallery

The art exhibit features the art of seven accomplished artists.  The works on display include playful images of characters in daily life, abstract nudes, realistic animal scenes, urban subjects and current political themes.  Plan to stop by and browse through the entire show.

There is truly something for everyone!

6519 N. Mesa St.


Artist Francisco Romero Opens Studio on West Side

Saturday, October 3rd, artist Francisco Romero opened the doors to his new studio location near Executive Center on the west side of town.  The new location features numerous examples of the colorful and unique themes he is famous for.  These are available on canvas and other surfaces, as well as, on collectible reproductions on wall plates, mugs and loose prints you can frame.
Visit the space at 109 Argonaut in El Paso.

La Pasion Versatil at Agave Rosa Gallery

A solo art exhibit at the Agave Rosa Gallery

currently on display.

The exhibit brings a colorful array of art pieces by artist Romy Hawkins and features Latin American and European influences with the use of oils and embossed tin.

The themes range from religious retablo art to folk art inspired by Frida Kahlo and the day of the dead to Native American and Southwest scenes.

If you have not been to see this exhibit, plan to bring your family as the show will run through October 3.  Pieces are reasonably priced and layaway is available at the gallery.


See video coverage here.

Bring a bit of Asia to the Desert!

Currently on display through September 6 at Agave Rosa Gallery:
Candy Mayer, Daniel Padilla, Francisco Romero and Mauricio Mora

"Colores del Alma" Watch Exhibit Video Here

Get inspired: Versace Fashion Week, Fall 2014 in Paris

Agave Rosa Gallery presents
"Journey to an Inner World"

with artist Yeunhee Lee
Saturday, July 12 from 6-9 pm
at 905 Noble Street, El Paso

Video Coverage

Try an inviting home display of tantalizing
Faux Desserts
Now available on Patou Velvet Vintage eBay Store

Currently on display through July 5 at
Agave Rosa Gallery

"La Fuerza de la Vida" featuring the work of
Elizabeth Morales
the Exhibit
Artist ta

April 2014

Take a look inside "Proyecto Urbano,"
an urban art exhibit at Agave Rosa Gallery.

VIDEO COVERAGE:  Meet the Artists and browse through the Displayed Art

Check out Frankie Hart, the newest artist on!

March Events

Did you attend "Artificial Attractions" at the Red Room?

Did you attend "The Last Thursday of the Month" Art Show?

Agave Rosa Gallery
"Special Moments"
March 8 thru April 1, 2014
The exhibit features artist Julieta Chacon and special guest Manuel Pina.
Watch the following videos:
                             Art currently on display
                              Exhibit opening presentation

Watch "Tenacious" Opening Video here.

Watch "Cuatro Viejos Malos" Opening Video Here.

December 2013 Events

"Navidad en el Barrio" at Agave Rosa Gallery
Checkout the video coverage!

Exhibit Closing Statement, December 28, 2013

Checkout Patou Velvet Vintage Exclusive.  Vintage-inspired wear created in El Paso.

November Events

Did you Attend Agave Rosa Gallery's Day of the Dead Festival!

 Currently on Display at Agave Rosa Gallery!

Video of event here.

October Events

Did you attend the El Paso Downtown Art Festival?

Agave Rosa Gallery


"Violins and Cellos"

A Solo Art Exhibit Featuring the Work of

Gabriela Ostos

Saturday, October 12, 2013

5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

905 Noble St. El Paso, Texas


Guest Artist Nora Aguirre Reyes

Video coverage here

September Events

Agave Rosa Gallery


"Cuban's Portraits"

featuring Polish photographer

Iwona Kulagowska



Currently on Display

905 Noble St.

El Paso, Texas

August Events

"Chuchulukos y Golocinas" at

The Red Door Vintage

820 N.Mesa St.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Opera Prima brings excitement!

This past Sunday evening, August 4th, the Mexican Consulate and the El Paso Opera brought to us the single-night concert Opera Prima.   The event, which was free of charge, was presented at the El Paso Scottish Rite Theater and featured Mezzo-soprano Maria Luisa Tamez and Baritone Carlos Serrano accompanied by pianist Angel Rodriguez.   In the midst of a charming and serene stage scene, the husband and wife team delighted the audience with popular songs in the categories of opera, bolero and tango.   The opera included arias by Verdi, Mozart and Straus and the boleros and tangos comprised music from Mexico, Cuba and Argentina.         Read more

Odd People, Curiosities and

Reality TV

One can easily become hooked on reality shows on TV nowadays. I watch many of these on Netflix and one of my favorites is Oddities on the Discovery Channel.   Sat in New York City, the show features Mike Zohn and Evan Michelson who are owners of an unusual shop called Obscura, located in the East Village.   Like its name implies, the store is not your typical grandmother antique shop.   Read more

"Virtuoso" by
Mauricio Mora

Watch video here

    Agave Rosa Gallery


   author Schaefer Trujillo during a presentation and  signing of his book "Bridge Over The Abyss" from 5-6pm and "Matices" an exhibit showcasing the works of Gaspar Enriquez, Gabriel Gaytan, Daniel Padilla, Alberto Escamilla, Mauricio Mora and Francisco Romero

6-9 pm

Saturday, August 10, 2013

905 Noble St.

El Paso, Texas

Trending Fashion

Designer Uniforms Take Flight

Have you ever wandered where some uniform looks come from?  Most of us understand the need for uniformity in the work place, but have never stopped to think about who has put the thought into their design.   It appears that uniforms are often meant; for instance, to reflect a desired business appeal and project a set of preferred attitudes and behaviors.  One thing we know for sure, if we had a choice, most of us would not wear them.          Read more

July Events

Agave Rosa Gallery


          author and artist   

   Sandra Luz Murillo with   a book presentation and  signing from 5-6pm and  

"En mis horas de Tristeza, Amor y Nostalgia" an exhibit showcasing the works of Geo Gamez from 6-9 pm

July 13, 2013

905 Noble St.

El Paso, Texas

Book presentation video

"Niño del Rosario

Geo Gamez

Exhibit opening video

Advent Zero at Tricky Falls in Downtown El Paso

The Art & Framing Gallery


Currently on display

Maria Socorro Munoz

A solo art exhibit featuring a collection of traditional Mexican retablos of beautiful madonnas, saints and angels.

June 22 through July 30


 Watch opening video here!

6519-A N. Mesa St. at Palm Court Shopping Center

El Paso, Texas

June Events

La Adelita Gallery & Gift Shop


Pro Skater and Artist

Kris Markovich

with a live art mural and painted skate decks on display.

June 15, 2013

Take an inside look on video!

   Agave Rosa Art Gallery

Presents the two artists on

June 8, 2013

at 6:00 pm

905 Noble St.

El Paso, Texas

(915) 533-8011

     "It's All in the Details"                                                                         "Solo Art Exhibit"

         Julie Caffe-Cruz                                                                                   Hector Bernal

   Watch video interview

In Memory of Rudi Leidelmeijer


Friends of the artist gather to celebrate the life, charm and talent of a great artist and friend.


Agave Rosa Gallery

June 1, 2013

El Paso, Texas

Watch memorial video here.

Creative Images by

Omar Munoz

Now Available Only at


La Adelita Gallery & Gift Shop

6216 Gateway East, El Paso, Texas


"Wicked Things"

Altered Art/Photo paper in vintage frame

Dungeon Series

May Art Events

The Art & Framing Gallery

held its benefit dinner and Art Auction event on May 10th at the Downtown Double Tree Hotel.   

The event featured Angel Gomez from Operation Hope and an award ceremony by Vida y Salud for local TV personalities and celebrities, for their active participation in public assistance causes.

Watch event video here

(Art sample by Francisco Romero)

  Agave Rosa Gallery

 "Painting Potpourri"  

       Rudi Leidelmeijer     and Andres Salas

Exhibit opening video 

                 Andres Salas

Agave Rosa Gallery

Currently on Display



An Exhibit of Encaustic Wearable Art by

Sandra Luz Murillo


A creative showcase of eco-friendly garments, featuring 

Mayan symbols in encaustic art.

905 Noble St., El Paso, Texas

Watch exhibit's opening video here.


April Events

Alberto Escamilla celebrates 35 years as an artist in the El Paso area.

Osaple  unveiled new pin designs during a mixer at Klothes Lime on April 18, 2013.

Talking about

Rudi Leidelmeijer:

Farewell to a Man of Color and Mystery


On May 11, 2013 the art exhibit entitled “Painting Potpourri” opened to the public at the Agave Rosa Gallery.   The show, which is currently on display through June 1st, features the work of two truly amazing artists, Andres Salas from Juarez and Rudi Leidelmeijer originally from the Netherlands.   Read More  

Eddie Izzard: Comedy meets Rock, French and Politics

During my recent trip from London to Paris I picked up the March issue of Metropolitan, the Eurostar magazine.   The Eurostar is a train that connects London to Paris and Brussels.   It has been a very convenient way to get from England to France in less than two hours.

Read more

El Paso Downtown

Artist Market

Discover what the City of El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs brings to you on Saturdays at the Downtown

Union District: Meet with local artists and browse through numerous booths featuring an alluring array of unique items available for purchase.

Local Music Scene presents a music video featuring drums and guitar by Oscar Madrid and vocals by Jorge Becerril, members of the rock band Omicron.

On the horizon!
*Post your event for free on our community events page.

Check out this week's featured videos!

Men's look for 2015



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